Diy Corrugated Metal Wall Art

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Decorative Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art – Metal wall art is growing in popularity, both for indoor and outdoor use. Corrugated metal, with its crests, provides a greater depth of artistic potential to the creativity of the do-it-yourself amateur. There are different types of metal material however, for design wall art objective, material metal is the best choice because it is solid and rust-proof. Aluminum is easier to bend, cut and mold into the desired shapes than other metals, and makes installation on a wall and long-term care less problematic.

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The tools can be found in a hardware store on the metal roof or in the HVAC section. Draw the templates of your design on art paper with a pencil. Make separate templates for design details such as eyes or leaves. Place the corrugated sheet on the ground. Sharpen the largest template with a permanent marker. Work from greater detail to smaller detail to transfer the template onto the corrugated metal. Cut through the ribs of the metal wall art through the use of straight cutting scissors, portable shear profile, electric or pneumatic shears or an electric nibbler.

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Bend or roll the aluminum foil smoothly to a maximum of 90 degrees. Never re-bend the metal or bend it completely to a permanent fold and it will break completely. Drill holes with a high strength drill intended for metal wall art. Screw pieces together. Or join the connection and disconnection details together with construction-strength adhesive.

Diy metal wall art,

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