Different Design Pivot Door Hinges

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Custom Pivot Door Hinges

Interior design continues in its search for different elements that go beyond the conventional. If we look at one of the central components of a house as its doors, we can find some peculiar and striking solution. Different and really spectacular doors are the so-called vertical axis pivot doors. Pivot door hinges of vertical axis are out of the ordinary for their type of opening, very different from what we are used to. We know the doors with traditional hinges fixed to the frame.

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But the pivot door hinges replace those hinges by bolts placed at the ends of the blade, completely hidden and adjustable with respect to the frame. The pivoting doors are large doors that can even reach two meters wide or even more. This type of doors are composed of a single hinged leaf, which is held by those steel hinges that are placed on the blade, on an axis offset a few centimeters from one of the sides.

Pivot door hinges opening of vertical axis also allows us to create a perfect coplanarity between door and wall, this has been achieved in firms such as Oikos and Lualdi, specialists in design doors and with several pivot door in its catalog. When integrating the hinges in the own leaf, the door is in the same plane that the wall offering a really spectacular effect. If above the handle is also integrated into the sheet we can find a door practically invisible.

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