Did You Know Anti Slam Door Hinges

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Anti Slam Door Hinges Guide

Anti slam door hinges – This would allow them to remove the pins from the hinges, remove the door and remove it without having to open the lock. Although many homes now take the precaution of installing entry doors so that the hinges are left inside the house, many exterior doors of garages and patios still open outward and have their hinges exposed.

The following safe anti slam door hinges will help prevent the exposed hinge pins from being removed and prevent thieves from attempting to remove the door in this manner. Even if your hinge pins are on the inside of the door, it is recommended to incorporate these hinges for added safety. It is a design that holds the hinge pin in place with a set screw or small screw threaded through the middle of the hinge.

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If the door is closed, the fixing screw cannot be accessed. You can also make this type of hinge by drilling a hole in the middle of the anti slam door hinges and through the pin, and then placing a small fixing screw. However, if the door is open, the set screw is exposed and can be retracted, the pins of the hinge being removed. Therefore, remember to file this fixing screw so that potential thieves cannot remove it.

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