Decorating Wooden Picture Frames Ideas

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Amazing Wooden Picture Frames

Do you have in your house some wooden picture frames that have become outdated? The photographs allow us to capture special moments to be able to relive them forever and they are also an indispensable element in home decoration. Many times the common portraits are not what we want to highlight that photograph that we care so much, or simply do not go with our style of decoration.

To decorate wooden picture frames the key is to reinvent the traditional frames and make them the object of your desire. Therefore, the first thing to do is to get frames for very classic photos: uni colors, smooth, without any detail, preferably wood. Before buying them, remember to check the size of your printed photos you want to frame.

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Apply to the frame with a shellac brush as a primer. Let dry for 20 minutes. Sand the wooden picture frames with soft sandpaper removing the dust with a cloth. Paint the wood with the English red paint creating a base of color. Let dry for 40 minutes. Apply a coat of reddish gold metallic paint. Allow to dry 40 minutes and repeat the process. Mark the border protecting with bodywork tape those areas of the frame that we do not want to paint with the color silver. Apply silver paint. Allow to dry for 40 minutes and remove the masking tape. Apply shellac throughout the frame as a protection. Let dry for 20 minutes. Apply a patina with Judea bitumen with the help of a cloth. Let dry for 3 days

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