Decorating Small Window Curtain Ideas

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Amazing Small Window Curtain Ideas

Small window curtain ideas – The window over the kitchen sink is only 30 inches tall, but 50 inches wide. The entrance door has a series of windows on the top panel that are not only small, but the shapes do not lend themselves to the curtains. The bathroom has three windows that only 27- by 38 inches are. There are several options for window treatments for these small windows.

Use decorative window film to cover windows that are unusual or that have no space for curtain hardware. Depending on the design, these films can provide privacy for small bathroom windows or reduce intense sunlight entering through a window in a door. Application depends on the style. All window film is measured and cut in a similar way to fit the small window curtain ideas. Some film has a sticky adhesive while other film clings to a window moistened with soapy water. Because they do not use an adhesive, the tight films are easily removed and can be reused.

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These window films can be purchased at home improvement stores and come in a variety of designs, from stained glass ice cream. Select curtains that fit the style of the room instead of the small window curtain ideas. How to choose window curtains in building materials recommends the use of bright colors to draw attention to smaller windows.

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