Decorate With Kubus Candle Holder

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Great Kubus Candle Holder

Kubus candle holder is good items to use to decorate your home. You can occupy them in the living room, the terrace and even the kitchen and the bathroom. Also, if you do not want to buy the ones that are available in stores, you can collect materials and create them yourself.

Kubus candle holder have been used since the 16th century and possibly longer. One of the primary materials in antique kubus candle holder was brass, which is made of copper and zinc alloy. While some antique candlesticks are ornate and elaborate in design, others are simple and functional, and antique candlesticks of all styles can be found at many antique stores, collecting shows and property sales. There are a few ways to identify antique brass candlesticks correctly.

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Look for balustrade brass candlesticks, which have large bases and cups underneath the holders, which are saucers-like shape. Examine brass on candlesticks. The beginning of the 19th century kubus candle holder has a thin layer of brass that is a bit rough on the inside from being thrown by sand.  Look into the interior of the candlestick for a thin metal rod that has an end shaped like a button. This should remove the end of a candle stump and signify an authentic antique brass candlestick.

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