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Attractive Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Ideas – We often associate “dark” with something negative and undesirable: Dark thoughts, the dark side, dark chocolate (how did that one get in there?). In the world of dark kitchen cabinet design, however, it’s a much different story. Rich black, warm brown or dark shades of green and blue are powerful allies as you seek to make a bold statement with your design. The key to effective use of dark colors in dark kitchen cabinet design is finding a balance, and the proper choice of accent colors can help you do just that.

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Bright colors are the perfect complement to a dark kitchen cabinets design. If your home could be described as country or cottage style, you can nurture the eclectic look with sound color selection. You might mix a colorful island with a dark kitchen cabinet design or use a bold shade on windows or doorways. Another option for maximizing dark kitchen cabinet design is to incorporate a vintage countertop in a bright engaging color that fits with the overall theme. Just be sure to limit yourself to three primary tones in the kitchen and include some neutral shades to avoid a disjointed effect that will leave you in a dark mood to say the least.

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For a more modern decor, support the dark kitchen cabinets design by applying saturated renderings of primary and secondary colors in the form of accents such as unique light fixtures, interesting artwork or wallpaper. Should you be dealing with a traditional home, rich red or blue walls and yellow accents can dovetail nicely with dark kitchen cabinet design. Keep in mind that this approach works best in a kitchen with ample natural light.

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