Cozy Sleeping With Queen Futon Mattress

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Sleeping at ground level earns more followers every day. These are all the keys to this artisan, ecological and ancestral resting option. Queen futon mattress is elements of traditional Japanese decoration that, like many others, we have adopted and westernized. Its natural materials, neutral colors and simple lines transmit calm and facilitate rest, especially recommended for a bedroom. Beyond aesthetics, many health experts recommend the multiple benefits of sleeping on a firm surface.

Then we review its history and the different solutions that you can find currently in the market. One of the most characteristic elements of traditional Japanese houses is the queen futon mattress. It is a special type of tapestry approximately 5 cm thick, made with modules of pressed rice straw, covered at the top by a thin reed mat and topped with brocades or a simple band of dark color.

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Queen futon mattress can be placed individually, in pairs and can also be used to cover a room entirely. In the traditional Japanese architecture they had standard measurements and were used as a module to size the different rooms. Originally they were alone in the houses of the upper classes. Japanese houses today usually have at least one room paved with tatamis , to celebrate the tea ceremony or to receive guests. These spaces have a very versatile character and are very suitable for yoga or gymnastics.

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