Cozy And Soft Modern Shag Rug

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Modern Shag Rug Grey

We want to get out of bed and put our bare feet on a soft, modern shag rug that isolates us from the cold. We seek to cover the floor so that there is not a tile or frozen table on which to step by mistake. And for that we need carpets of hair, like our Shaggy collection. But do you know how to clean long-haired carpets? We prepare for winter!

Modern shag rug are ideal for winter. On the one hand, they help partly to heat the house and to conserve the heat inside, in the same way that a shelter maintains the heat of the body. On the other hand, its comfort makes our feet to remain barefoot, as in summer, something we appreciate, especially when we wake up. However, hair mats have to be magnets for dirt.

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The shape of its fabric causes the dust in suspension to be placed more on them than on any other surface, or that the dirt we wear on the shoes is fixed more easily. This makes it more complex to clean, and we must take some precautionary measures to avoid staining more than it should. If we suggest vacuuming a normal carpet once every one or two weeks, the pile modern shag rug are closer to the week and even twice a week.

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