Classic Yet Timeless Wooden Bed

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Contemporary Wooden Bed

The wooden bed is undoubtedly the most used, but this does not mean that we have to stay only with the classics. There are many different ideas to decorate the bed with headboards in different styles, from a bohemian touch to vintage headboards, other recycled or also the most modern and fun. Choose yours and enjoy a completely different bed. Why choose a wooden headboard? There are many reasons to choose a wooden headboard for the bed.

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These headboards are a great classic. Wooden bed is a timeless material that does not go out of style, and that can be presented in many ways. In its most rustic format, painted in colors or even prints. In addition, there are many styles that can be easily adapted to a wooden headboard, such as vintage, rustic, classic or even industrial and Scandinavian styles, with white wood or light colors.

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So, without a doubt, versatility is the great asset of wooden bed headboards. With wooden planks, and a good finish we will have a great headboard. These are usually cheaper than those that are painted, carry sizes or other details. The good thing about a basic wooden headboard is that we can change it ourselves to our liking. Choose a color, a pattern or a motif to add.

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