Choosing A Portable Crib Mattress

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Amazing Portable Crib Mattress

Many new parents opt for portable crib mattress for their babies, as these are particularly handy in small rooms and also when traveling. One is able to easily move them from on room to another, fold them up and store them when they are not in use. While some are suitable for using as play pens, others are only built for babies to sleep in. These features should be considered along with the portable crib mattress when buying a bed for baby.

It is essential that each safety standard is met and that the portable crib mattress is certified by national associations. One should also check that standards are met when buying a used crib. The slats should not be more than two and 3/8 inches apart to prevent baby from being caught and or strangled by the slats. Measurements will ensure that the crib can fit through doorways when wheeled from one room to another. One should also measure the trunk or the car to make sure it will fit. The crib should be well-constructed. There should be no peeling paint and the finish should be non-toxic.

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Certain products require babies to be of a certain weight, age or size to use it. Most can handle children of up to two years of age and weighing up to fifty pounds, but many play pens can only hold babies of up to fifteen pounds. New bassinets usually come with a portable crib mattress; however one will probably want to replace a used mattress. This should fit snugly, leaving no more than the width of two fingers between the edge and the walls of the crib. The bassinet should be of a size for which one can easily find mattress pads and sheets. It should be sturdy and easy to assemble. It is important to always stick to the safety guidelines to keep baby safe.

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