Cheap Red Brick Backsplash

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Perfect Red Brick Backsplash

Red brick backsplash – For less than £ 325 you can install a new backsplash in your kitchen. The practical function of a backsplash is that it protects walls between your table tops and cabinets by providing an easy to clean waterproof surface. Backsplash also allows you to give your kitchen a new look without undergoing a complete remodeling project. When you are familiar with the different backsplash options, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and stylistic tastes.

Fake brick is another option for a kitchen backsplash and costs around £ 16 per square foot. Like tiles, the fake brick can be attached to wallboards or plaster and is water repellent. Multi-colored blocks are available, but this option is usually reserved to create a traditional look in your kitchen. False bricks are available, looks the same as the red brick backsplash used when building a traditional fireplace. If you feel your kitchen is too modern or contemporary, a brick backsplash introduces some old-fashioned charm.

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You can turn your red brick backsplash into a self-expression gallery by decorating it with graffiti. The kitchen can take on a city feel with initials painted, family surname, a drawing of your favorite pet or other graphic design of the cartoon. The paint can be picked up on a colored theme for its kitchen decorations or draw attention to itself with a few neon colors. You can draw on your graffiti first with a thick pencil or go freehand, letting the flow of creativity.

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