Car Air Mattress: How To Inflate It?

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Automatic Car Air Mattress

Car air mattress – Being very practical, setup times are really reduced and this will allow you to take a break from driving. Going directly to rest in a few simple steps. Before placing the mattress in the passenger compartment, make sure that all the air valves are properly closed, to prevent the escape of air that can cause the mattress to deflate. Once you have made this check, arrange it in the cockpit adapting it to the length and width of your car. So you do not need to fix it in any way.

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At this point, proceed to inflate the mattress that. Thanks to the introduction of air, will take the shape of your future bed. During this operation, carefully check that all the car air mattress parts are well laid out and not clogged or stuck in the interior of the machine. So that it can inflate at its best, without creating unpleasant problems. If incorporated into your mattress kit, it also inflates the cushions. In some models these are connected directly to the mattress. In others, however, they are offered as accessories and therefore separated.

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In general, it is recommended to inflate the mattress until it is completely filled with air and with a hard surface. If you are used to sleeping in soft mattresses, do not fall into the illusion that a more deflated mattress is more comfortable. During sleep in fact, your movements will induce a movement of air between the inner tubes causing a certain discomfort and a lack of rest. Once you have finished this operation, your car air mattress is ready to be used.

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