Building White Media Console

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Awesome White Media Console

White media console are important free furniture that adds a lot of aesthetically appealing to your modern living room. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing, building a console table on its own can save hundreds of crowns of what you would have paid at a furniture store. While the process may seem extremely difficult, it is actually quite simple if you follow proper instructions


Use a pen to draw a few marks on the 1 1/2″ corners from the long side. Marks should be made to a 2 1/2 “and 3 3/4” in from that point too. Drill holes on all these points. Stand the white media console top so that the driver’s holes are facing you at the same time about an additional piece of MDF on the floor next to it. This piece of wood gives a precise measurement of where your leg will go. Secure two screw holes to secure the first leg to the table top. Continue until all four the legs have been stuck.

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Cut two 2×4 “wood pieces at 10 1/8” long to serve as support beams for the white media console. Slide one of the 10 1/8″ pieces into one of the shorter sides of the desk between two of the legs. Drill two holes in the leg insert and screw this piece of wood between them. Repeat this step for the other side of the table. Place a 41 3/4 “piece of wood between the two pieces of wood you are attached. Drill two holes on both sides and screw them into the table. Repeat this step for all commands. Add a layer of bite or color as desired.

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