Building Contemporary Stair Railing

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Elegant Contemporary Stair Railing

Contemporary stair railing would benefit greatly from a barbell for safety, stability and aesthetic reasons. With a small building know-how, a barbell is something you can build you at home and avoid the hassle and costs associated with bringing in professionals. Some simple construction tools and some supplies are all you need to complete the task.


Choose decay protected wood in a surface or color that matches your tire’s wood. The contemporary stair railing can be any desired thickness you want, as long as they are at least 1 1/16 inches thick, for best durability in outdoor elements. Place two services at the top and bottom of your stairs, respectively, using two clamps to attach them to the stringer. The stringer is the part that creates the rise of the stairs and supports the steps (steps). Check with a bar level to ensure that the services are level and perfectly perpendicular to the ground.

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Attach the posts to your contemporary stair railing “Strings wood with two hexagonal screws through each post is placed vertically about 2 inches apart. The posts should extend approximately 36 inches above the stairs or at a height comfortable to use as a handrail. Cut the tips of the posts using a hand saw in a 45 degree angle downward, or at a similar angle to your stairs, the hill downwards. File by hand to achieve a perfect cut. Measure the length between posts and posts, and use this measurement to cut your three rails: the rack lid from 2-by-4, and two additional railing components of at least one 1/16 by 3-inch thick pieces.

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