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Storage Shelves – Finding a solution to your home or office organizational needs can be as simple as designing and building shelf storage. Storage shelves increase the available square meters of a storage space by adding it to the wall or vertical storage in the ground. Place shelves in a convenient space that makes them easy to getting without prevent the flow of traffic through area or blocking the view. Measure the space in your home or office that is dedicated to storage.

Measuring the width of the space is a tape measure to determine if they are fixed on a long shelf or several units smaller shelves together in space. Measure the height of the shelf space from the floor to the desired height of the unit. Divide the height measurement by 13 from the 12-inch-high storage shelves. The additional inch is the thickness of the platform. This calculation will tell you the exact number of storage shelves that fit vertically in space.

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If you want shorter or taller shelves, divide by that measure, but do not forget the extra inch. Determine the design style of the storage shelves. Can your shelves be mounted on the wall, or will they be built in units of the independent shelf? Determine the necessary width of your shelves. If your shelves will accommodate wide items, such as containers and storage equipment, build them using 1-inch thick wooden boards 12 inches wide.

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