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The living room is also known as the living room. That is, the place where we spend most hours, awake, in our house. And of course to be in a room, one of the key factors is the atmosphere that is generated, which directly affects the type of living room lamps we have. They can be installed on the ceiling, supported on the floor, fixed to the wall, on a table or other furniture, with direct or indirect light, etc.

In short, there are endless models of living room lamps, and beyond their design, and simply because of their location they have some properties and not others. Ideally when considering the lighting of your room is to combine different types of lamps. That is to say, that there is some other point of light in the ceiling, hanging or encastrado, that you also have standing and mobile lighting, and of course also placed table lamps.

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Not everything has to be lit at the same time, in fact it will rarely be like that, so do not worry about consumption, and simply have different types of lighting for your living room. Of all of them, the element that is possibly less functional and more decorative is this type of living room lamps table. It does not mean that they do not fulfill their function of illuminating, in fact they are the most suitable to create very intimate, even sensual atmospheres.

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