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Brass door knocker are very commonly found at the front door of many households these days but owners have to know how to clean these knockers, otherwise they will lose their shine very easily. When you purchase one of these brass knockers, you may have noticed that there is actually a layer of protective coating on it. So what to take note of in order to maintain its shine? Below are some tips to help you.

Most brass door knocker should already have the protective coating on them to ensure that they do not get tarnished easily. However, it is always safer to double check to make sure that the manufacturers did not short change you. You do not want the knocker to get damaged beyond salvation before you release what had actually caused the problem. In fact, if the coating had been applied, the knocker can really last you for a few years. Even though the protective layer had been applied, it might still get flaked off sometimes. You can try cleaning it yourself by applying a layer of polish evenly on the knocker.

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Once you have checked that the surface of the knocker is well protected by the coating. You can maintain its shine by washing it frequently with mild soap. You should remove the grime collected on the surface. If you want to doubly protect the door knocker. You may want to lacquer the surface so that there is not just simply one layer of polish protecting it. If you take effort in cleaning the brass door knocker frequently. You can really maintain its shine for a very long period of time. However, if you find that nothing seems to work as the brass is already very badly damaged. The last resort you have is to call in a professional to repair the brass knocker for you.

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