Billy Style Bookcase With Glass Doors

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Pine Bookcase With Glass Doors

Bookcase With Glass Doors – Billy Bookstores is an exclusive product available from IKEA stores and its online store. The shelves come in several colors, including white and a blackish brown color. IKEA also sells shelves of different sizes, which allows customers to create their own unit that seems made to measure. You can convert your bookstore into a china cabinet or showcase with the addition of glass doors.

When installing Billy bookcase with glass doors, make sure you buy the doors of the right size. Lay the Billy bookshop mounted on the floor. Find the exact center of the library. For example, if you have one of the seven-shelf bookshelves, you want to mark the fourth shelf, which is the center of the bookstore. Turn the bookcase on its side and put the flat support part number 108444 inside, at the mark made in the first step.

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The flat support has three large holes and three small holes with a curved end. Slide the piece down, so that at the end it fits over the edge of the shelf. The sink of two screws through the support and in the bookcase with glass doors. Look for part number 121040, which comes with the door. Fix the piece on the flat support at an angle and press down. You should hear a soft click as the locks of the piece in place. This piece keeps the door closed in the library.

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