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Enjoy Full Size Futon Mattress

For those who find this full size futon mattress type hard, there are also models that intersperse layers of natural latex. “With them you get a base to rest softer and undeformable. Tatami is ideal surface to support a futon, since it allows its optimal breathing. They can also be placed on slatted bases of solid wood. What you have to avoid are weak bases or too compact, like canapés, which do not allow ventilation.

Due to its natural composition, good perspiration and solidity, tatami is also suitable for laying on it any type of full size futon mattress made with natural fibers, such as 100% latex, coconut and horsehair; you can also put on this base artificial mattress, such as viscoelastic. In addition, in market you can find a wide variety of sofa beds that use finer futons as a seat, which, when deployed, become a sleeping mat. They are a very practical solution for small flats or guest rooms.

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Health specialists say that sleeping on surface of full size futon mattress is beneficial for blood circulation and to avoid back problems such as scoliosis. For Chinese medicine, its natural composition and soft aroma relax body and spirit.  Its manufacturing process remains traditional one. Rice canes go through a process of drying, interlacing and pressing all natural, which is why you can end up housing insects inside, so when buying a tatami you have to demand a sanitary certificate to ensure that it is free of them.

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