Beautiful Diy Modern Wall Clocks

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Cute Modern Wall Clocks

In the DIY world (“do it yourself”) the options are endless. Today we will see some ideas to create a beautiful custom modern wall clocks. To get a different and personalized watch we can use one that we have at home, although we can also recycle an old clock and use only the mechanism, discarding the rest. It is also possible to buy only the clock mechanism.

Although the first option we like, the second gives us a whole world of possibilities. We can, for example, make watches with clothing and textiles. For example, take a lot of ties or shoes by arranging them around our pegs to create a beautiful modern wall clocks totally customized for our bedroom.

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Who said that the numbers on the clocks should be arranged in a circle or, in some cases, a square? If we could get the numbers in some material, whether plastic, cardboard, or wall stickers, we could put together beautiful modern wall clocks where the numbers look “messy”. For wood lovers, we can take a trunk cut, sand it and varnish it to later place our pegs on it, or take small trunks and join them on a surface to make a rustic tapestry like a clock.

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