Baby Crib Mattress Size And Dimension

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Baby Crib Mattress Size Characteristic

Baby Crib Mattress Size – The mattresses for children of 3-4 years must respect. As well as those for cots some basic instructions, the materials must therefore be hypoallergenic. Also do not contain toxic substances; the seams should not scratch the baby. Also buttons, bows, laces or anything that can be bitten and involuntarily ingested are not allowed. The same labels can only be on the side of the mattress.

On the market there are many various baby crib mattress size and shapes. From mattresses for cots to those for sun beds. What are the best? Certainly those that comply with the relevant legislation. In fact, few people know, but there is a European law that establishes the measures of mattresses for children and the characteristics so that they are 100% safe.

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A good baby crib mattress size for children should have a size between 90 and 140 cm in length and a width of 50 to 70 cm. Even, on some store you will find comfortable mattresses for children with 140×70. If you choose the springs for baby crib mattress, choose a mattress that has between 135 and 150 springs with a calibration of less than 15, 5 (these numbers should be found on the package). These criteria have been set by the Consumer Service and ensure that the mattress you choose is tough enough for your child.

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