Assemble Hardware Free Standing Towel Rack

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Awesome Free Standing Towel Rack

Bath free standing towel rack is both elegant and practical, as long as the towel hardware is installed correctly. Towel racks often have more than one towel and frequently those towels are wet and heavy. A towel rack that is not properly installed can cause extensive damage to drywall, while one that is safe will last indefinitely (or until you redecorate).

Keeping the free standing towel rack in the exact place on the wall where you want to install it. Mark each end of the towel rack, and use the studies finder to determine if you will be drilling drywall or an asparagus. Use the level to make sure that the marks are still.

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Use the level to ensure the marks made are square. Attach a mounting plate to the wall without fully tightening the screw. If there is no bolt, screw in an alternating metal anchor until the head is flush with the wall and fix the mounting plate by turning the screw in the anchor. If there is a post, simply screw the mounting plate directly on the right foot; no lever anchoring is necessary. Attachment the free standing towel rack to the mounting plate you installed, and double-check that the opposite mark is in the correct place. Remove the towel rail, and install the other mounting plate without tightening the screw, using an anchor lever, as needed.

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