Appealing Outdoor Basket Weave Brick Pattern

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Basket Weave Brick Pattern Outdoor

The living space of a house increases when a patio is added. It can become an outdoor room, a kitchen and a dining room, or on a private terrace. Once you have determined the size and location of the patio, you will have to decide what paving material to use. Basket weave brick pattern is an adaptable and often used patio paving material. Whether on a sand or mortar base, it provides a resistant and anti-glare surface that blends well with many architectural styles.

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Basically, there are two types … more brick: common and expensive. As its name might imply, common is the type most commonly used in exterior residential applications and is also less expensive than the face. The common basket weave brick pattern is made of clay or slate and burned in an oven. It is also known as kiln bricks. It often has a rough texture.

The face brick is meant to be visible. This type is used on the exposed face of a wall or, sometimes, in courtyards, and is generally made of better quality materials than ordinary brick. The basket weave brick pattern has a smooth surface, is durable and comes in different shades of brown, red, gray and white. There are thousands of combinations of bricks, colors, textures and shapes available to create any type of look or mood, from casual and contemporary to more classic and traditional.

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