Amazing Grey Living Room Inspiration

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Living Room Inspiration Ideas

Grey living room inspiration – The minimalist designs are aesthetically and functionally exceptional when well executed. The trend of design with a room in warm shades of gray and light in the walls, ceiling and part of the furniture, to create a space with excellent lighting through spots.  The wall in black with glossy finish is the ideal place for the installation of a flat screen, matching the coffee table. A pair of chairs and accessories in orange accentuates the modern and minimalist trend that was achieved in this cozy space to receive visitors.

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In the grey living room inspiration color predominates on the floor, sofa and armchair, these last two pieces being the protagonists of this space, which dispose the user to be in front of the entertainment center made of wood, in a dark tone. The furniture in intense gray tonality delimits and perfectly marks the space that is freely communicated with the breakfast room.

Many grays have more subtle tonalities, and the grey living room inspiration that was used in these walls was enriched with the fission of subtle red and warm tones. This important improvement allows the walls to light up, soaking in the evening light, but where the shadows fall they are still sweetly quiet a testament to the adaptability of the gray color. The range of natural colors appears vibrant, full of life in this elegant living room, where the soft tones combine with the geometric designs of the fabrics, works of art and the abundant natural light to create a resplendent atmosphere.

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