All About Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

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Stamped Concrete Around Pool Pictures

A well-built and properly installed stamped concrete pool deck offers a very nice look. All edges are ground pools, however, require an outer covering. Indoor pool is usually a concrete or stone, and covers edges of in ground swimming pool. There are four different types of house pool with deck. Rounded roofs (“bull nose”) are made of artificial stone or concrete, have a flat top and a rounded edge.

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Cantilevered decks have a flat surface and an angle of 90 ° to edges of pool. Covers rimmed out and rough cut are two other types, each offering their own textures, whether of stone or concrete. Covers with rounded edges outward provide a handle for swimmers. Stamped concrete pool deck offers a wide variety at a cost lower than poured concrete or natural stone.

Prefabricated concrete decks are easier to install than natural stone. Cover of natural stone is more durable, but more expensive. Poured concrete deck is placed continuously along edges of stamped concrete pool deck manner. In 2011, remove and replace a damaged countertop covered by a cost around $ 25 per foot (30.48 cm) linear. Stone deck tailored cost $ 30 or more per foot (30.48 cm) linear.

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