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Attractive California Queen Mattress

California queen mattress also known as extra-long queen, or XL Queen, California queen size mattress usually found in the Canada and US as a special order. And California queen mattress have length is 84 inches and weight is 60 inches. The standard queen, in comparison, is the same width of 60 inches, but is 4 inches shorter 80 inches in length.

The extra 4 inches of California queen mattress length make it a comfortable option for tall people. On the same width as a standard queen, it also provides extra spaciousness compared to a full-size mattress for a couple of beds, for a person throwing or swinging or for pet laws that do not mind sharing. In fact, California queen measures 6 inches wider and 9 inches longer than a full-size mattress.

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As a special order mattress, California queen mattress linen can also be a special order, if finding bedding in bed and bathroom stores is getting easier. A custom bed frame may also be required; A standard queen metal (or A-frame) is not recommended to support the extra length of California queen. If you decide that California queen is the right mattress for you, measure the room where it will be used to ensure the extra length will still give you a comfortable walking area and room for other furniture.

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